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Camp Godyssey: New York 7/13/2019

Camp Godyssey is a wellness day camp for goddess creatives and entrepreneurs to build together in real time. The event will be on July 13th in Brooklyn, NY from 1-6 pm.

Tickets include:

• vegan snacks & champagne bar

• sound healing & meditation

• a keynote conversation & sacred experience with @hadiiyabarbel

• ancestral wisdom & healing 101 with @browngirlalchemy

• the spirit of financial abundance with @_kvspeaks

• personal finance 101 with

• a social media and mind mapping boot camp with @tyeal

• building your dream brand with

• plus a divine surprise musical performance!

The intention behind Camp Godyssey is to remind goddesses that we don’t need to ask for a seat at any table, we are our own tables and we have enough divine brilliance and creativity within us to sustain ourselves without needing validation from any institution.

 Grab your ticket at